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Knowledge vacuum heat treatment

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Zhengzhou Kejia Tube Furnace Co., Ltd. to provide you with the electric furnace industry expertise: the basics of vacuum heat treatment, and I hope for your help.
Vacuum annealing: Eliminate reduce tissue inhomogeneity, removal of internal stress to improve its plasticity.
Vacuum annealing: eliminate stress machining processes.
Vacuum brazing: in a vacuum state with lower melting point than the base metal by the liquid solder by capillary attraction effect between the two workpieces filler matrix metal to form a minute gap clearance solid combination.
( Vacuum quenching gas quenching, oil quenching) rapid cooling after heating the material to make it harden,
Vacuum carburizing: heating in a vacuum, the vacuum carburizing in the carburizing atmosphere.
Vacuum ion carburizing: the metal surface of a new vacuum hardening chemical treatment.
Chemical treatment Vacuum:Vacuum carbonitriding, vacuum Boronizing other process (of being perfect).
Vacuum glow plasma nitriding: ion nitriding is generally carried out in the field of high-voltage direct current.
Vacuum alloying: alloying by high pressure in a vacuum.
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