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Muffle furnace energy saving methods

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Zhengzhou Kejia muffle furnace for long-term follow kiln found that many energy-saving furnace method For example:
① using new burner, such as: isothermal burner, pulse burner, high-speed burner;
② adjust burner layout;
③ improve code blank placement;
④ justice laid flue;
⑤ For high-temperature furnace, waste heat utilization;
⑥ select appropriate temperature and control method of detection points;
⑦ increase the thermal insulation properties;
⑧ other support measures. These methods for energy efficiency furnace, kiln kiln total heat loss of energy by 10% -20% or even higher, thermal insulation effect is good or bad a great effect on energy conservation, so the furnace insulation For the furnace to improve thermal insulation effect, energy-saving rate is very important.     
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