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General classification and development of heat treatment furnaces

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The main heat treatment equipment is necessary to complete the heat treatment process equipment, such equipment for heat treatment effectiveness and product quality plays a decisive role, among which the most important heating equipment. Resistance heating equipment including furnaces, furnaces, fuel furnaces, controlled atmosphere furnace, vacuum furnace, which is an important equipment for the heat treatment shop. In order to facilitate the selection and use of comparative analysis, often on the basis of the following methods to classify.
① Press the heat source classification. Resistance furnace, furnace fuel.
②Press the operating temperature classification. Low-temperature oven (<650 ℃), oven temperature (650-1000 ℃), high temperature furnace (> 1000 ℃).
③ Press furnace medium classification. Air furnace, bath furnace, controlled atmosphere furnace, particle flow furnace, vacuum furnace, ion carburizing furnace.
④ Press furnace classification. Box-type furnace, pit furnace, trolley furnace, pusher type furnaces, rotary hearth furnace, vibration hearth furnace, conveyor furnace.
⑤ according to technology use classification. Normalizing furnace, annealing, quenching furnace, furnace, carburizing furnace, nitriding furnace, carbonitriding furnace.
⑥ by job classification procedures. Furnace operation cycle, semi-continuous operation furnace, continuous furnace operation. With the development of other related technologies and product quality requirements for heat treatment continues to improve, the new emerging treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment in recent years, the development of basic is to save energy, improve product quality, improve labor intensity and other aspects of the elimination of hazards.
With the improvement in the level of specialization, various continuous automatic production line heating equipment accounted for the proportion is growing.
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