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Box-type furnace installation wiring detailed instructions

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Box furnace set control system and the furnace as a whole, lining using vacuum forming high purity alumina poly light material, the use of silicon or silicon carbide rod clamp for the heating element control panel is equipped with intelligent temperature regulator, controls the power switch Bian heating work / stop button, with a working status indicator, output power instruction to always observe the working status of the system. Box furnace is designed for universities, research institutes, laboratories and industrial and mining metals, non-metallic and other material and sintering, melting, analysis and development of special equipment.
Fixed seat, according to the thermocouple i1, requires cable negative [red to (+), black or green wire to (-) must not be thermocouple i1, negative reversed, otherwise there is no fixed temperature control. Box furnace installation wiring, check the equipment is in good condition, according to the packing list and check the matching accessories is complete. Explosive gas shock, non-flammable, or high dust loading and furnace work place air switch current match, then do not securely connected to the high voltage is introduced, to avoid please turn off the power and control of the instrument is not damaged.

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