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New Method atmosphere box furnace cooling rate

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Traditional atmosphere furnace cooling method is by itself a cycle, remove heat cooling is slow, then it should be more efficient, we should do to improve the cooling rate, it can be more attractive to customers and consumers. Sometimes it takes a long time to be able to cool down the temperature to your own satisfaction, greatly reducing the efficiency of the process and the progress of work. Increasing the cooling rate in the following ways:     
Accelerate the flow velocity furnace mezzanine these types of programs can be used simultaneously, cooling time can be shortened to about 15h.     
Reconstruction cooling rate, improve the relative efficiency, is one of the working status of each company needs, but also enhance the spirit of the new method is the use of investment in new product plans in new technologies.     
Cold side slit box furnace bottom opening and the silicon molybdenum rods forming gas convection oven to remove the box itself heat.     
Box-type furnace purged with nitrogen to remove heat sintered product.     
Circulating air cooling method, cooling time to charge into the furnace of nitrogen taken out through the condensate column, and then into the furnace, to pay attention to the leakage of nitrogen, safety recycling.

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