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Tempering effect? Why should temper?

Tempering effect
(1) tempering     
Quenched martensite steel was heated to a temperature not exceeding A critical insulation box furnace and then cooled down to adjust and improve the performance of a heat treated steel operation, called tempering. After a similar treatment process tube furnace sometimes for large castings, forgings box-type furnace normalizing also called tempering.
(2) The main role of tempering     
To obtain the desired mechanical properties of the workpiece     
Stable workpiece dimensions     
Reduce the brittleness, to eliminate or reduce stress;
For certain alloy steel annealing difficult softened quenching (or normalizing) is often used after tempering, the steel carbide appropriate aggregation reduces the hardness to Liqie cut processing, on the other hand also reduce large castings, furnace cooling stress forgings.
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