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Details of the type of insulation material and selection analysis

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Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines are mostly inorganic insulation material. Furnace these materials have no rot, no combustion, high temperature and other characteristics, asbestos, diatomite, perlite, glass fibers, glass foam concrete, calcium silicate. General cold cold material under more organic insulating material, such material has a very small thermal conductivity, low temperature box furnace, flammable, etc., polystyrene foam, polyvinyl chloride foam, urethane foam, cork and so on.     
Fibrous insulation material can be divided into organic fibers, inorganic fibers, metal fibers, peacekeeping and composite fiber. Tears in the industry as the absolute material mainly inorganic fibers, box-type furnace is currently the most widely used fiber asbestos, rock wool, glass wool, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber, vacuum atmosphere furnace polycrystalline alumina fiber, etc. .     
Powdered insulation materials are diatomite, perlite and its products. These materials are rich sources of raw materials, cheap, is used widely in construction and highly efficient insulation material thermal equipment.     
A wide range of insulation materials, generally can be material, temperature, tube furnace shape and structure to the classification.     
Material can be divided into organic insulating material, inorganic insulating material and a metal heat insulating material categories.     
According to the shape can be divided into absolute tears porous, fibrous material must tears, powdered insulation and layered insulation four. Porous insulating material known as foam insulation, light weight, good tube furnace insulation resistance, poor stability characteristics, mainly foam, good elasticity, dimensional stability, foam glass, foam rubber, calcium silicate, light refractories.
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