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Vacuum term commonly used jargon

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Usually Torr (Torr) as a unit, in recent years, access to Pa (Pa) internationally as a unit.
1 Torr = 1/760 atm = 1 mm Hg = 1 Torr 133.322 kPa or 1 Pa = 7.5 × 10-3 Torr
No rules for thermal motion of gas particles, have twice the average distance that flew over the collision, with the symbol "λ" represents.
The amount of gas flow per unit time of any cross-section, the symbol with the "Q", the unit is Pa l / s (Pa · L / s) or Torr · l / s (Torr · L / s).
It indicates the ability of gas through the vacuum pipe. Units of liters / second (L / s), in a steady state, the pipeline flow conductance equal to the pipeline flow rate divided by the pressure difference at both ends of the pipe. Sign referred to as "U". U = Q / (P2- P1)
Gas molecules acting on the vessel wall force per unit area, with the "P" indicates.
A pressure of 101 325 dynes per square centimeter pressure, symbols: (Atm).
After sufficient vacuum vessel was evacuated in a stable vacuum, this vacuum is called the ultimate vacuum degree. Generally subject to 12 hours Lianqi vacuum vessel, and then by 12 hours was evacuated, the last one hour measured once every 10 minutes, whichever is 10 times the average for the ultimate vacuum value.
Under certain pressure and temperature, the unit of time into the pump inlet at the gas pumped called pumping rate, referred to as the pumping speed. I.e., Sp = Q / (P-P0)
Thermocouple electric potential and temperature of the heating element is related to the temperature of the element and the gas heat conduction with the principles relating to measure the degree of vacuum of the vacuum gauge.
Pole, grid and filament is located the center of the grid constituted by a cylindrical collecting, outside of the cylindrical collector grid. Hot cathode emitted electrons ionized gas molecules, ions are collected by the collector, according to the size of the ion current collected to measure gas pressure gauge.
From two or more vacuum gauge composition, automatic conversion, automatic shifting.
Both ends of the anode cylinder with a pair of cathode plates, the external magnetic field, the formation of the anode cylinder Penning plasma discharge, the cathode plate according to the size of the ion current collected to determine the gas pressure gauge.
Utilizing resistive heating element and temperature, and the temperature of the gas conducting element is related to the principle, the degree of vacuum measured by the vacuum gauge bridge circuit.
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