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Box-type furnace using knowledge

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It is industrially produced using an electric furnace work person, electric stove is a common heating equipment. According to its external shape can be divided into box-type furnace and crucible furnace.
1. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement box furnace, requires the use of special measuring DC potentiometer proof temperature control device temperature table, so as to avoid measurement errors affect the use of the box-type furnace.
2. Regularly check box furnace various parts of the hotline, to observe whether there is loose, AC contactors problem.
3. box furnace usually should be placed in dry and ventilated, non-corrosive gases position, ambient temperature is 10-50 ℃, to extend the life of the best advantages.
4. Replace the silicon carbide, should first remove the protective cover at both ends and silicon carbide chuck, then remove damaged silicon carbide. Maintenance personnel, due to the interior of the box-type furnace silicon carbide is brittle, easily broken, and therefore should pay attention when installing the exposed ends of the outer portion of the furnace shell and collet tightening equal, making good contact with the silicon carbide.
5. box furnace using a long job, found the knob clockwise has the largest position, but the heating current rating is still far away, reach the required heating power, which indicates that the silicon carbide already aging need to be adjusted. When adjusted without dismantling the silicon carbide silicon carbide just pay attention to the series changed in parallel, and then note the heating current value does not exceed the rating is in use, then the box-type furnace can continue the job.

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