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Each model box-type furnace design features

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There have been about the friends should know, box-type furnace is currently being used for scientific research, product quality inspection center, industrial and mining laboratory, as a product or material performance test equipment under high temperature conditions. So think now large and small, like various types of box-type cable, in the design What is the difference?
Next we come to understand ascending order under their respective characteristics of it! The first is a small box furnace, due to the need to maintain a certain height face in design are generally required to be made with a stand. In the box-shaped casing Underneath, there is support for the furnace legs or stand.
Then sized box-type furnace, its weight and manual door available means to open and close, the lower generally have sand seal groove. Some of the top door design also sand seal groove, is intended to ensure sealing, so that when the door is closed, with the clamping device can make the door close contact with the door frame, thereby reducing leakage.
Medium box furnace because of their heavy weight, so join the furnace workpiece weight, and therefore generally can be welded directly to the furnace and brickwork on the chassis. Large and medium-sized box-type furnace, on its guard doors and rear wall suitable arrangement of some electric heating element, is used to reduce the temperature difference of the furnace. In order to ensure heat losses door, to get a better balance, in terms of container type electric furnace by furnace door was designed as a control zone 1/3 length.
Large box-type furnace, with electric or pneumatic, hydraulic opening and closing the door, the electric heating element in the furnace generally around the sidewall and bottom surface of the arrangement. In order to obtain good thermal field, the top guard is also arranged in the electric heating element, because the furnace workpiece general stack height does not exceed the width, so the above heat plus the next two or so more effective than both. And large-scale box-type furnace on specific private foundation with a steel chassis into a non-structural, welding bricklayer, then, will not be lifting and moving after installation.

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