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Unique muffle furnace

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Muffle furnace hearth is square, in the design according to the specific requirements of different size to be customized with different specifications. Therefore suitable for large, medium and small types of products production and processing.
In performance design, the other furnace, the box-type furnace heating speed, the focus is heating rate may need to be adjusted. For example, to meet the 30-50 segment continuous temperature and climate requirements, then we can set their own timed automatic heating and cooling, temperature uniformity ≤6 ℃; additional box-type furnace in the design often also have manual and automatic switch without interference and over-temperature alarm function; high temperature accuracy, red temperature values can be maintained at an average of 1--3 ℃; with temperature compensation and temperature correction, the precision is accurate to ± 1 ℃.
In terms of scope, box-type furnace electric range than other more widely. May be different at different temperatures for the heating element, and a firing range products is relatively broad, the applicable firing range is relatively broad. Due to the shape of a box-type furnace tipped the box, so the middle of the hollow portion of the furnace, the design temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, can be used for a single low-volume products for small and medium firing. Of course, we are most concerned about the problem of affordable, because of its manufacturing process is relatively simple and therefore relatively low price, it is important that its performance advantage determines its long service life than other electric 3--5 years.

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