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muffle furnace design advantages

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It is understood that the muffle furnace shell to use more high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet, and spray the surface treatment process and is used in the side door is open structure, it has the advantages of flexible open and close.
Closed furnace muffle furnace used for heating alloy wire heating element made after spiral, coiled into the furnace walls, heat when temperature uniformity extended service life.
High temperature combustion tube design is mainly based on silicon carbide is installed in the furnace jacket as a heating element; directly installed in the furnace, thermal efficiency is high.
Selection furnace insulation materials for lightweight foam insulation bricks and ceramic fiber cotton, so storage of heat and thermal conductivity box furnace is reduced so that the furnace has a heat storage capacity, heating time is shortened, the surface temperature is low, air furnace loss rate, low power consumption of the unique advantages.

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