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The design principle of high-temperature furnace door

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Through the study of the new high-temperature furnace door found, it can make a horizontal displacement of the movable rail agency, open the door to the level before the rail line relocation 30mm ~ 50mm, so that the door and door frame before disengagement. Then the guide wheels along the rail groove on the door hundred vertical rise. When the door is closed when dropped to the lowest point, the chains relax after the horizontal displacement of the rail so that the door will be pressed against the door frame.
High-temperature furnace door is usually right and left sides are usually equipped with four guide wheels, can be moved up and down in the movable rail slot. The movable rails were fixed on both the upper and lower pivot link, the upper link active link. Door lifting hoist before starting, the drive chain tensioning force. This time the active link is located at one end of the sprocket, at twice the chain tension, we will overcome the door and the other end of the link rail and heavy torque around the fulcrum, counterclockwise downward. When the weight torque rod end rails, and counterclockwise around the fulcrum downward movement; when the rod ends and touch the walls, rails around the corresponding horizontal displacement of about 40mm. In this case, high-temperature furnace door and doorframe disengagement. Then when the chain continue to tighten, movable rails no longer sport. And each guide wheel on the door, that rises vertically along the rail groove.
When closed, the door is due to the traction chain is still in a state of tension, so the guide rails on both sides of the door, is still small and slightly away from the door frame when the door fell position. At this point drop in the door and there is still a gap between the door frame 40mm or so, when the door is lowered onto the support wheels, the chains began to loosen. At this link and activity guide rail at the door and re-torque effect, mainly as clockwise will make the door close to the door frame.

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