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Safety Precautions daily temperature furnace

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High-temperature furnace, due mostly electric heating, so pay attention to electrical safety, after the detection of the targets and then close the gates and start working. Also in addition to the test, do not stay long in a high temperature furnace tube area.
1. When handling HF, pay attention to the problem of high temperature, high temperature gloves come with spacers should avoid burns;
2. In operation, remember to bring face masks to prevent inhalation of high-temperature furnace volatile harmful gases;
3. Once you have found fault occurs, remember to immediately turn off the power, if you are not familiar with and do not make unauthorized repairs, please notify qualified service personnel; if any are found, the job you want to stop work promptly troubleshooting, to ensure safety;
4. At the end of the work time, if no one continues to use to turn off the power and gas, to ensure that the security only after leaving the work area. 5. always pay more attention to high-temperature furnace furnace cleaning, avoid excessive dust or corrosive acidic stains furnace, thus ensuring long-term use of high-temperature furnace.

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