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Basic checks of high-temperature furnace

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Currently used in the heating of various metal products, metal normalizing, hardening, annealing and other heat treatment using a diamond cutter or other high-temperature heat treatment furnace, and to how the basic usage and check it?
For high-temperature furnace use is not like the other special electric furnace installation as long as flat on the ground or indoors on the bench. The electric controllers to be placed on the table, it is recommended to slightly tilt the table, but not more than 5 degrees from the furnace and the controller must not be less than 0.5 meters minimum distance. Also note that the controller should not be on a hot plate, because this will affect the normal operation of high-temperature furnace controller.
Then introduced to the high-temperature furnace basic check it! Check on the line to note certain steps, first of all to turn off the power switch, the switch on the control panel to switch to the open position. Then adjust the settings button, the temperature can set the degree of need, but if you set the switch to the measuring position, come up with a red light, also has its share of contactors and sound absorption, electricity, heating ammeter indicates the current value, the furnace temperature slowly rises and the temperature and work.
When the temperature was raised to set the desired temperature, red light green light, electricity, stop warming; when the furnace temperature dropped slightly, the green light, red light, electric, automatic electric. Again, to achieve automatic control furnace temperature target.       
 The basic use of high-temperature furnace for everyone should be able to understand, but might need to check constantly familiar with in order to understand, you can start with a familiar process.

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