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High-temperature furnace special case program

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High-temperature furnace installation and use:
1, high-temperature furnace does not require special equipment, just flat on the ground or indoors on the bench. The controller should be placed on a work table, work table askew face shall not exceed 5 degrees. The controller from the furnace minimum intervals not less than 0.5 meters. The controller should not be on a hot plate, to avoid affecting the normal operation of the controller.
2, convergence to the controller and electric power lines, switches and fuses should be slightly larger than the rated load capacity of electric power.
3, convergence, screw dominated at both ends of the first controller enclosure, then cover change, such as a power cord. Controller and electrical connection and best use compensation wire thermocouple cables. Pierce thermocouple thermocouple fixed seat hole in the furnace, and the interval between the thermoelectric and asbestos rope clogging, then fixed. This time the force and can not be satisfied with the safe operation of the center line, the need for reliable control and electric ground
4. Check the electrical wiring and the right, the first turn off the power switch, and then switch on the control panel to the open position, adjust the Settings button, the temperature setting level you need, if you set the switch to the measuring position, out of a red Light, also has its contact and absorption ratio, power, heating ammeter indicates the current value, the furnace temperature slowly rises and the temperature and jobs. When the temperature was raised to set the desired temperature, power, continuous warming. Later, when the furnace temperature dropped slightly, again to end the policy of automatic control of furnace temperature.
5. Check accidentally broken protection device is not a normal job, is: Loosen the thermocouple temperature measurement instruction agile rose to the highest point is automatically cut off the heating power, accidentally broke a good device, reset, normal operation is good thermoelectric even.
6, high-temperature furnace for the first time after continuous use or use for a long time, the oven is necessary. Process is as follows: When the temperature at 200 ℃ 4 hours (open the oven door and let distributing water vapor) When 200 ℃ to 600 ℃ oven door (closed) four hours When 600 ℃ to 800 ℃ oven door (closed) 2 hours
7, after use, the first toggle switch on the control panel to the end position, then cut off the main power switch.

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