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Box-type atmosphere furnace environmental characteristics

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Box furnace am sure you have heard, so the box atmosphere furnace it? It has what characteristic? In fact, box-type atmosphere furnace is the national standard cycle-type energy working furnace, ultra energy-efficient layout, use of advanced composite lining layout, saving 30% -40% for fine career and shell mold casting heating, high efficiency, than oil, fuel coal cost is greatly reduced. Selection of high-quality energy-saving lightweight foam insulation products and quality brick masonry.     
Box-type atmosphere furnace temperature conditioning convenient, safe and just conditioning function button to complete the temperature control without the hassle of furnace fuel conditioning oil nozzle, with temperature stability, superior performance, low power consumption, clean furnace and other strengths, solve your environmental pressures.     
High quality refractory materials, heating elements made of high resistance alloy wire around the system, placed in the vicinity of the furnace put silk brick, two-car use cycle, high thermal efficiency, high productivity, energy saving than the average electric car by about 20%.     
Perhaps the choice of silicon carbide high temperature furnace wire as heating elements, the use of time long, heating speed, Formwork Roasting effect, less waste, high yield after pouring. Electric roaster 41 Quintana heat evenly, using long life, safe and reliable, stainless steel fine casting mold shell furnace for silicon carbide is an alternative to electric wire, coal stove ideal energy-saving products.     
Door opening and closing and carriage turn out for the mechanical transmission, and equipped with electrical interlock, when the door is raised or closed to vehicles before action must azimuth; furnace floor use heat-resistant steel castings. Electric roaster and co-use control panel, automatic control of furnace operating temperature.     
Flue unique technology, completely solve the water glass formers moisture, temperature rises difficult career challenge. Under the same conditions of heating, box-type atmosphere furnace furnace temperature from 1270 degrees to 1200 degrees rose refractory fiber lining stove heating demand is only 10 minutes, while heavy demand convention oven 70 minutes, saving 60 minutes heating time. Fire-resistant fiber is a new energy-saving refractories used in a neutral, oxidizing atmosphere to maintain outstanding tensile strength, toughness and fiber layout, with outstanding thermal stability, chemical stability, low density, low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity thermal high, set fire resistance, heat insulation, light and energy saving in one.

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