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high-temperature furnace the furnace temperature controlled

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According to the furnace to the error of a given temperature automatically turn on or off the supply resistance furnace heat energy, or heat energy continuously changing size, so that the furnace temperature stability have given temperature range, the heat treatment process to the satisfaction of needs. Conditioning automatic temperature control common law have two, three type, share, share points and share-integral-derivative and other types. Resistance Furnace conditioning control is such a reaction process, and the need to compare practices furnace temperature furnace temperature to get the error, the error made through the disposal of control signals to the thermal power conditioning resistance furnace, the furnace temperature control and complete.
1) In accordance with the share of errors, integral and derivative control effect occur (PID control), is in the process of handling the most widely used form of manipulation.
2) two-type conditioning - it's only opening and closing two states, when the furnace temperature drops below the limit setpoint actuator fully open; when the furnace temperature is above the setpoint actuator fully closed. (Actuator is usually chosen contactor)
3) The three formula conditioning - it has given both the upper and lower values, when the furnace temperature is below a given value limit contacts fully open; when the oven temperature between the upper and lower limit setpoint actuator partially opened ; when the furnace temperature beyond the upper limit of setpoint actuator fully closed. (Tubular heater heating elements may be used to complete three different heating and conditioning formula insulation power.

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