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High temperature laboratory furnace type and uses

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High temperature laboratory furnace and Mingma Fu furnace, in China there is a common name for the following: furnace, resistance furnace, Burnout furnace, muffle furnace.
High temperature muffle furnace experiment is a common heating equipment. Based on appearance shape can be divided into a box furnace tube furnace crucible furnace.
About muffle classification, it is possible according to its heating element, additional temperature, and not classified as controllers, see detailed below:
1) Press the heating element differences are: Sima Fu electric furnace, muffle furnace silicon carbide, silicon molybdenum rod muffle;
2) Press the additional temperature difference is usually divided into: 900 degree series muffle furnace, muffle furnace 1000 degrees, 1200 degrees muffle, muffle furnace 1300 degrees, 16 degrees muffle, muffle furnace 1700 degrees.
3) Press the controller to distinguish between the following categories: pointer table, usually digital presentation table, PID conditioning control table, program control table; by insulation material difference include: usually two bricks and ceramic fibers. So users in the procurement of goods on the contract must be written understanding, in order to avoid suppliers play tricky.
When muffle attributed cycle work for the laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for elemental analysis and determination generally small size steel hardening, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment heating, high temperature muffle furnace can be made of sintered metal, ceramics, dissolution , analysis and other high-temperature heating.

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