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Maintenance and precautions hot oven

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Precautions today to introduce it at a high temperature oven and maintenance
1) may be the first time when the machine a little odor or white fumes are generated, it is because the relationship between the new product after baking furnace will go away over time, it does not affect the performance of the machine.
2) Do not put anything on top of the high-temperature oven cover, so as not to affect the machine performance.
3) vacuum drying oven, as the environmental needs, preferably mounted on the exhaust pipe leading to the outdoors.
4) The machine switched off after the first heat, just so that the body continues to cool, to extend the life of the heating wire, the temperature was lowered to about 100 ℃ after the power is turned off. 5) in this case at least once per week cleaning, to ensure good functioning furnace, maintaining a good quality.
6) behind the net belt dryer vent holes must pay attention to cleanliness, so ventilation and drainage.
7) electrical distribution panel must be cleaned once a month and check that the screws are loose.
8) shall maintain total power isolation closed.
9) Check the grounding line is off.
10) Check the hot furnace is normal.
11) Check the assembled cold storage temperature sensor cable is off.
12) took over the control box to the outdoor vent connections are secure, in order to avoid dust pollution control box clean room, room temperature affect the control box, causing damage to electrical components in advance. (High-temperature furnace)

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