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Role in all kinds of box-type furnace in the laboratory

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All kinds of box-type furnace is indispensable laboratory equipment. All high-temperature furnaces are equipped with temperature control, the use of temperature measurement using thermocouples indicating controller, automatic control of high-temperature furnace temperature. Box-type resistance furnace for laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units for elemental analysis and small size steel hardening, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment heating, box-type resistance furnace high temperature furnace can be made of sintered metal, ceramics, high temperature dissolution, analysis, heating.
Box resistance furnace furnace shell with a thin steel plate welded hem drawn into the inner lining is made of silicon carbide refractory lining rectangular overall. Heating element consists of Fe-Cr alloy wire wound into a spiral of wear on the inner lining, down, left and right wire slot. The furnace is sealed, electric oven tile, door use of lightweight refractory brick, between the beginning of the furnace and the furnace shell with refractory fiber, perlite products masonry as insulation. Shape made of cold rolled plate manufacture, bright and smooth surface electrostatic spray.     
1, when using the furnace temperature must not exceed the maximum furnace temperature, and do not work at a temperature above the rated time.
2. Working conditions: temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity <80%, non-conductive dust, no flammable materials and corrosive gases.
3, when used to open the door to light a light off, to prevent damage to the parts.     
4, when the sample in the furnace to take place, it should turn off the power, and gently, in order to ensure safety and to avoid damage to the furnace.
5. In order to extend product life and ensure safety equipment at the end of the furnace should be promptly removed from the sample, exits the heating and power off.
6, the device ambient atmospheric pressure: atmospheric pressure. Use box-type resistance furnace must pay attention to more than six, I plant adhere to the "honesty, quality Founding" the purpose and dedication to service customers.

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