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Experimental furnace internal structure

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We all know that laboratory furnace, experimental furnace, but concrete structure inside what is it? Let's go check it out now with curiosity.
Laboratory furnace generally consists of furnace, electric devices, sealed furnace shell, vacuum system, power supply system and temperature control systems and other components. Sealing furnace shell welded carbon steel or stainless steel, removable parts for sealing joints vacuum sealing material. After the furnace shell to prevent heat deformation and heat deterioration of the sealing material, the furnace shell is generally cool with water cooling or air cooling. The sealing furnace furnace shell. According stove use, the chamber with internal heating elements of different types, such as resistors, induction coils, electrodes, and an electron gun and so on. Metal smelting furnace built with vacuum furnace crucible, some also equipped with automatic pouring device and the loading and unloading of robots. Vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, vacuum valves and vacuum gauges and other components.       
Vacuum furnace mainly for ferrous and non-ferrous wire and tube material strip, bright annealed mechanical parts, electronic components, mold measuring and tempering. After treatment products smooth surface, no oxidation, decarbonization Pit Furnace construction, housing made of steel plate and steel cylindrical furnace. Lid inner surface made of stainless steel. This requires attention to the vacuum furnace maintenance. Lining and furnace shell laminated aluminum silicate fiber felt insulation, insulation powder expansive space filled. Resistance wire using 0Cr25Al5 high resistance alloy wire around the spire installed in the furnace of dormant silk brick.
Vacuum Furnace placed stainless steel loading basket. Cover with manual lifting its lever. In order to make uniform heating workpiece, installed in the lid heat-resistant stainless steel shaft and blades made of hot air circulating fan, the workpiece in the heating process, the hot air in the vacuum back into the stove up and down cycles in order to ensure uniform heating of the workpiece.       
Laboratory furnace is suitable for tempering high speed tool steel, tool steel, martensitic stainless steel and other metal materials after quenching vacuum

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