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The internal structure of box-type furnace of heat treatment

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Box-type furnace in many factories used in the heat treatment has made a great contribution. Box-type furnace in the mining industry in our country presents a use of what state?       
Box-type furnace in industrial production to meet the requirements of various heat treatment process, heating equipment widely used in the heat treatment shop. Currently small enterprises, township enterprises have realized the importance of the work piece is heat-treated, many heat treatment business (workshop) emerged as the preferred box resistance furnace heat treatment equipment, and more generally the choice of the temperature box furnace. However, due to operation of the workers skill level is not high, installed furnace, when released, often with the furnace back wall of the workpiece on both sides of the furnace wall bump, resulting in damage to the furnace wall, reduces the thermal efficiency of the box-type resistance furnace, increasing heat loss, or even result in furnace Wall collapse. When the manual operation, a little less, the hook will easily collide electric wire, electric wire caused damage, if protection switch is damaged (some companies do not even have protection switch), prone to the operator an electric shock. In response to this phenomenon, we must improve, only to ensure the personal safety and box-type furnace in order to ensure profits. So in the application of box-type furnace structure is kind of how it?       
Box-type furnace shell will usually welded steel plate and steel, small box furnace usually with a bracket to ensure a certain height off the ground Face. Medium box furnace due to the weight of great accomplishment, and join the furnace workpiece weight is large, it is generally soldered directly on the brick furnace and chassis. Large furnace can be on the specific private foundation designed without steel chassis structure, and on the spot welding bricklaying, this furnace can not be lifted and moved after installation. Sized electric oven door counterweight and manual means available to open and close, the lower seal grooves generally have, some also have a door on top of the sand seal groove to ensure good sealing, the door is closed, with the clamping device make contact with the door and door frames, reducing leakage. There is also a large furnace, which can be electric or pneumatic, hydraulic opening and closing the door, the electrical heating element can generally be re-furnace sidewall and bottom surface of the left and right arrangement, in order to get a good geothermal field, preferably on the roof also arrangement of electrical heating elements.
Usually the workpiece when operating the furnace stack height does not exceed the width, so these two aspects of heating is more effective than about two aspects. Large and medium-sized circuit can be on the door and the rear wall of the appropriate number of heating elements are arranged to reduce the temperature difference in the furnace, the heat loss in order to ensure the door to get a better balance, a large box can then rely on electric furnace 1/3 of the length of the door of the furnace as a control zone, the road through the protector shall be provided to ensure the safe operation of the necessary equipment and a good seal. Understand the internal structure of box-type furnace, for enterprises in the application process, you should select the appropriate box furnace operation, to ensure smooth production factories to produce more quality products.

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