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High-temperature furnace should be checked regularly

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High-temperature furnace repair and maintenance is also very important in the course of operation, the direct impact of the electric furnace test accuracy and life issues Furnace.       
1. The controller should be placed in the dry sub-ventilated, non-corrosive gases, ambient temperature -10-50 ℃, relative humidity less than 85%       
2. In order to ensure accurate measurement, the annual application of DC potentiometer proofread XMT Temperature control device temperature table in order to avoid large errors.       
3. Check all parts regularly for loose wiring, AC contactor contacts is good. Malfunction should be repaired.       
4. The user can comply with these rules, when a vacuum atmosphere furnace does not work correctly due to product quality, within one year of free repair and replacement of parts, until the replacement products. Not production quality principles identified, the user is not the responsibility of the user or disassemble the repair.      
Furnace maintenance is important, in daily use should pay attention to the maintenance of furnace, the regular maintenance, to ensure that there are problems in time, so you can also use an electric furnace is helpful.
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