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Construction and use of vacuum heat treatment furnace

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Laboratory furnace Introduction: Over the last decade, vacuum heat treatment has been rapid development, it is because after vacuum heat treatment of metallic material having a surface light no oxidation, decarbonization, no increase in carbon, good wear resistance, deformation, can be saved or to reduce grinding characteristics. Vacuum heat treatment furnace is the implementation of vacuum heat treatment equipment, no vacuum heat treatment furnace, in order to promote the vacuum heat treatment is not possible.       
Compared with vacuum heat treatment furnace controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace, bath heaters, energy-saving, safe, reliable, and easy to implement automated operation, no pollution, good working environment and so on. However, there are also disadvantages vacuum heat treatment furnace, furnace heat transfer due mainly by radiation, heating the workpiece so slow, the device is more complex, higher cost.      
The concept of vacuum lower than standard atmospheric pressure gas state is called a vacuum within the given space. The so-called vacuum, refers only to the state of rarefied gas, without any substance. Absolute vacuum. It does not exist. 'Measure and divide the vacuum area of the vacuum in the vacuum technology, indicates the degree of lean gas, the gas pressure is low.

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