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Describes a vacuum tube furnace atmosphere

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First, the operating convenience: pneumatic connection with a fast connection flanges.
1, so that the material handling process is simplified, just a clamp to complete gas connections, easy to operate.
2, the abolition of the complex flange mounting process, reducing the damage caused by the installation of tubes possible.
Second, the structure practicality
1, the chamber material of high quality polycrystalline mullite fiber vacuum formed, saving 50%, temperature field uniformity. One end of the heating element of high quality silicon molybdenum rod surface temperature of 1700 ℃. The other end of high quality silicon carbide surface temperature of 1500 ℃.
2, the sealing flange sealing double-loop technology, effectively improve the airtightness of the furnace tube at both ends. Gas path with a gas trace out adjustable features.
3, both ends of the gas line stand, supporting the air passage means. Effectively eliminating the gas line assembly itself stresses, to prevent the tube damage due to stress caused by itself.
4, advanced air insulation technology, combined with heat-sensing technology, when the furnace surface temperature reach 50 ℃, exhaust temperature and fan will start automatically, so that rapid cooling furnace surface.
Third, the use of safety: the use of:
1, over-temperature protection, when the temperature exceeds the allowable set value, auto power off and alarm.
2, leakage protection, when leakage power automatic furnace. These functions ensure the safety of use.
Fourth, intelligent control
1, the furnace temperature control system uses artificial intelligence technology, with PID control, fuzzy control, self-tuning function, and the preparation of a variety of heating and cooling program. A plurality of temperature zones can be controlled independently.
2, domestic program temperature control system can be edited. 50 program temperature control, temperature control system programmable import procedures. 40 program temperature control.
3, equipped with 485 conversion interface in an electric furnace, and the computer can connect to each other. Through a dedicated computer control system to complete the single or up to 200 electric remote control, real-time tracking, history function, the output reports.

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