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High-temperature furnace explanation

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According to the survey, much of the information is not accurate product called high-temperature furnace, in fact, a high-temperature furnace is generally referred to by the function name and description of the furnace temperature high temperature furnace instructions are heated with electricity to rise to a high temperature. Specific intelligence is said that it has on the temperature is reasonable, is used in very special places in ......
About the correct understanding of high-temperature furnace, and can review their use to learn:
High-temperature furnace for a variety of small parts, springs, die heat treatment; for steel products, metal parts normalizing, hardening, annealing and other heat treatment purposes, such as diamond cutting blade or high temperature sintering purposes, carbon steel, alloy steel high manganese steel, high chrome steel quenching, normalizing, annealing, quenching and heating. High-temperature furnace temperature can reach 1800 generally have, after special treatment furnace can reach 2100 degrees, to meet all your basic requirements.
Also an understanding of the high-temperature furnace also includes its basic classification, that is, if the ranks of the structure of the furnace classify obtained tube furnace, box-type electric furnace, which has a high-temperature furnace under. . .
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