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Factors affecting the quality of high-temperature furnace heat treatment

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High temperature heat treatment in an electric furnace, a lot of convenience and ultimately affect the processing quality results, this paper talk about what factors affect the quality of high-temperature heat treatment furnace.
1, the treatment of the workpiece Before the heat treatment, the first treatment of the workpiece inspection plan is consistent with the requirements of an electric furnace, as well as treatment of the workpiece physical performance, and then make the best deal with the problem, as well as the number of processing each time, not too much, nor too little .
2, heat treatment process The level of heat treatment process also affects the quality of the workpiece, so try to choose the affordable production process.
3, regulate the operation
Better equipment and better heat treatment process, if the operation is not standardized also can not produce high quality products, it is also a high-temperature furnace operation must be standardized. These three aspects ultimately determine the quality of high-temperature furnace treatment of the workpiece.
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