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How to install and use vacuum furnace

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1, with reference to the furnace layout, installation position and civil conditions provided drawings, selecting equipment for permanent installation site and civil construction. The installation site should be free of dust pollution, environmental clean, dry air should not be placed together with other equipment, kept at room temperature 10-35 ℃, ground flat and smooth.
2, the installation of the heating element and the water-cooled graphite electrodes should be noted: . a time to be extremely careful to get the graphite components to prevent damage; b. To securely tighten the bolts to achieve good electrical contact, do not force too much, to avoid thread broken buckle.
3, according to the vacuum system vacuum system location diagram, assembly and connected to the furnace. When assembling the O-ring coated with a thin layer of vacuum grease evenly tighten the flange.
4, according to a water cooling system diagram, the inlet and drain are respectively connected to the furnace inlet and on the outlet, provide pressure 0.1-0.15MPa, temperature not lower than 15 ℃, 30 ℃ not more than water, it is best to provide circulation water, rust and water.
5, to provide a minimum of 0.5MPa pressure pneumatic gas source, available industrial nitrogen, such as compressed air, the pneumatic-owned "Big Three" (such as oil mist, regulator, manifold air filter).
6. The inflatable body back to the line connected to the system of FIG backfilled pipeline and suggested a purity of 99.99% -99.999% high purity nitrogen as the inflatable body back.
7, according to the electrical wiring diagram of the power supply to the corresponding electrical contacts, check the power supply voltage, connect the control box, wire cable between power box and furnace.
8, install the remaining components, including catheters, measuring instruments.
9, the furnace and the control box are grounded, grounding resistance ≤4 Europe, instrumentation and regulatory vacuum gauge cable should also be grounded.
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