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Vacuum furnace Late Caution

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Vacuum furnace is heated in a vacuum environment of the device, generally by the hearth, electric devices, sealed furnace shell, vacuum system, power supply system and temperature control systems and other components. Vacuum furnace by heating element into the vacuum resistance furnace, vacuum induction furnaces, vacuum arc furnace, vacuum consumable arc, electron beam furnace and a plasma furnace. Usually in spring and autumn vacuum furnace leak more failures, long idle times vacuum furnace at a vacuum furnace was relatively prone to leakage failure. This time it must be vacuum leak detection, vacuum leak detection in general, once a month Pressure rising rate (at room temperature, turn off all the vacuum valve and stop the vacuum system operation, after reading a few 1Omin, 1h after reading a number two is the numerical difference between the number of the pressure rise rate), the master device trends leak, such as a vacuum device continuously shut down for a week, to idling once (were oven).   
Note the use of a vacuum furnace include:
1 piece - piece shall be washed and dried car rear grams into the furnace, prevent moisture, dirt into the furnace.
2, each transmission parts Discover Card, limit allowed, out of control and so on, should be immediately removed, do not force it to avoid damaging parts.
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