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Vacuum Furnace Series Three-continuous vacuum furnace technology

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Vacuum Furnace Series Three-continuous vacuum furnace technology features:
The furnace 1 is a three-compartment horizontal vacuum heat resistance furnace, the overall structure is compact, small footprint, low consumption of the amount of nitrogen; equipment for continuous production;
2 cooling chamber according to user requirements, to achieve oil quenching, gas-cooled, high-pressure gas quenching and other functions; Containing compound flapper valve (both composite gate insulation can be sealed), it occupies little space cooling chamber, saving nitrogen consumption, greatly reducing production assistant time to conserve energy between the heating chamber and the cooling chamber.
3. Thermal valve box and the valve plate has a cooling channel, we can ensure long-term work in the furnace 1300 ℃;
4 You can choose to configure the type of molybdenum or graphite furnace;
5 mechanical transmission, accurate and reliable than the hydraulic system, low failure rate, easy maintenance. Feed mechanism uses a unique form of bifurcation, the oil does not enter the feed mechanism to avoid contamination of the heating chamber, and significantly reduce the cooling chamber volume, saving cooling with nitrogen, vacuum furnace to reduce operating costs;
6 electric high degree of automation control systems, stable and reliable, in addition to equipment, the material, but all can be run automatically. Electronic control system programmable logic controller (PLC) program-controlled, high reliability, high degree of automation. Temperature control imported intelligent temperature controller to ensure precision temperature control, temperature control accuracy of ± 0.1%.

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