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Vacuum Furnace prospects workpiece

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Tube furnace, box furnace, vacuum furnace professional manufacturers (Zhengzhou kejia Limited), has more than ten years of production tube furnace box furnace vacuum furnace, electric furnace of experience, it generates an electric furnace sold throughout the country , praised by customers, buy a tube furnace vacuum furnace tube furnace Zhengzhou look protech Co., on the development of vacuum furnace processing a workpiece as follows:     
① heating in a vacuum, the heat transfer mode radiation, especially twice preheating, heating more slowly, thus making uniform the temperature difference between the thickness of the workpiece portions, the surface of the core portion is small, the expansion and contraction of the workpiece It will be more uniform deformation of vacuum quenching bath furnace 1/10 to 1/3.  
② Because of the vacuum degassing especially removes hydrogen, no hydrogen embrittlement, increased grain boundary strength, improved bending performance.     
③ salt treatment of the workpiece surface tensile stress by tempering, compressive stress after blasting, grinding and then under tension. Vacuum furnace processing of the workpiece is always under pressure stress, stress can significantly improve the fatigue strength and fracture toughness of the workpiece, the service life increased by 4 to 10 times, in order to reduce production costs, save energy and provide a basis.     
In short, after vacuum heat treatment of the workpiece to obtain a good surface state, with degassing, and evaporated to remove the oxide film and the effect of surface dirt, thus overcoming the salt bath furnace process of oxidation, decarbonization, corrosion and other flaws caused quenching insufficient hardness, uneven hardness, wear resistance decreased due to uneven emergence of quenching stress, and deformation, cracks and toughness decrease heat treatment defects, therefore, replace the salt bath furnace vacuum furnace furnace imperative .

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