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Tube furnace oven Notes

Tube Furnaces Ovens Note:         
a: When the oven through the steam must be dehydrated, slowly, to prevent water hammer.         
b: Furnace risen to 150 ¡æ, 320 ¡æ constant temperature, the purpose of the removal of the adsorbed water and crystal water.         
c: Ovens process to strengthen the inspection, uniform heating to slow, in strict accordance with the oven temperature curve and found anomalies immediately consult process.
Tube furnace oven after checking:         
a: Check for cracks ministries bricklayer, refractory lining without loss, a steel frame, hanging with or without bending, tube without deformation, subsidence or without foundation.         
b: If the refractory lining off the surface deeper than 15mm, or fall to a depth of one-fifth the thickness of the refractory layer, a hole needs to be repaired.         
c: If the refractory lining occurs more than 3mm chapped, how to deal with research by the design decisions.         
d: hearth in front of the brick oven put sampled and analyzed samples of water, less than 7% of qualified, waiting for the normal start.

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