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It should be noted where the installation rotary tube furnace

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The company produces rotary tube furnace shell structure with double oven, double oven fitted between the fan casing, fast heating and cooling, heating chamber by the upper and lower parts, where the upper part of the chamber may be integrally flipped backward 110 °, easy pick and place test material, replace the tube. It has become identified various industrial thermocouples essential equipment.
Thermocouple test procedures in accordance with the requirements of a qualified rotary tube furnace must have some uniform distribution of temperature field, and requires the highest temperature area in the center of the furnace mirror. Therefore, for new installations and the period of use and repair after resistance furnace tube furnace, must be its axial temperature distribution field test for its adjustments to ensure the quality of the thermocouple calibration.
For the test rotary tube furnace temperature distribution, the current domestic commonly used detection method is mainly three kinds: displacement method, differential and multi-point measurement. Wherein the displacement method is relatively simple, involving measuring equipment is relatively small, but the measurement error generated is quite large. For our municipal and numerous thermocouple measurement test project to build its own target enterprise, because the test equipment and test conditions is a priority, coupled to the tube furnace temperature distribution requirements are not too high, and therefore is a displacement method The main types of measurements. The so-called displacement method is to heat with a standard length indicator even insert cavity measurements at different depths road approach baked chamber has temperature distribution, the disadvantage of this method is derived from a larger amount of data to deal with them, then more trouble. If you have a computer assistant in the measurement, then, in data processing, computing and automatic mapping function use Microsoft spreadsheet software, then tested rotary tube furnace temperature distribution work will become simple and convenient.
In addition, we install the rotary tube furnace, consideration should be noted:
1, the rotary tube furnace and temperature controller requires no special installation, flat on the floor or table can, the controller should avoid shock, tube furnace and controllers should meet 0.5m above the ambient temperature to prevent overheating the controller does not work;
2, the thermocouple is inserted into the hole from the door of the furnace, links thermocouple wire controller should be used to compensate the aged, and pay attention to the positive and negative do not reversed;
3. Open the controller case, the link with the corresponding schematic cross-sectional area of ​​the copper wire are links power supply, controller, tube furnace, thermocouple.
In order to ensure safe operation, rotary tube furnace and controller enclosure shall be grounded by a reliable, lead-in power need to install another power switch to control the power supply.

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