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How atmosphere furnace maintenance

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How atmosphere furnace maintenance       
1, should pay attention to the joint gasket is complete, if not intact should have access to the machine that comes with a new washer when installed to prevent any high pressure oil leakage
2, the top of the iron furnace atmosphere dynamometer open checking whether small wire line hammer concentric pointer around in the trenches of the pinion, the length of line cord should be appropriate, not too long or too short, to the extent that I can not remember the last evacuation of the longest hit the crossbeam, a minimum of pinion rotation aging hammer does not hit pinion
3, the test machine installed in a clean, dry and temperature uniformity of houses should also be taken into account on the machine for the possibility of the possibility of a longer length of the beam bending test and the use of extended meter mirror to be tested, so around the testing machine Allow sufficient free area

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