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Four points of the tube furnace

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Four points of the tube furnace       
1, xenon lamp cooling water using refrigeration units, water can be recycled, reducing the equipment operation and maintenance costs.
2, the sample in the sample holder rack 1r / min speed of rotation around the light source, the sample holder mounted blackboard BPT or black standard thermometer thermometer BST.
3, tube furnace timing device: working time in order to record each test, the device has a timer on the control panel, you can control the time of the device, the device is automatically turned off the timer expires.
4, the protection device: In order to make xenon arc lamp can work, without damage, the device in addition to a xenon arc lamp lit on the circuit and the cooling water chain, the operation during the event of cooling water failure is not working properly, xenon lights automatically turn off the whole machine to stop working to protect facilities.

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