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Atmosphere tube furnace operation

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For laboratory requirements, loading and unloading intermittent manual loading, unloading. The cartridge is placed on the spout when charging cradle, open and removed from the furnace tube end sealing cap, into the cartridge with the cartridge holder and then sealing cap installed on the tube flange and tighten the clamp bolts. Then Walter craft atmosphere, the temperature was increased until the inner tube when the oxygen content of the sintering process requirements. Product after sintering process is completed, the process should continue to Walter little atmosphere and cooling process until the furnace temperature is below requirements, before the open tube sealing cap to remove the product.
Tube furnace atmosphere were all using the new furnace technology developed by international advanced high-performance energy-efficient, single-tube, double pipe, horizontal, can be opened, vertical, single-zone, dual-zone, three temperature zones multiple tube furnace. Mainly used in experiments and small batch production purposes universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises.

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