1200¡æTube Furnace
1200¡æ Vacuum Vertical Tube furnace

1200¡æ Vacuum Vertical Tube furnace

Model:KJ-1200V vertical tube furnace
Description:Vacuum Vertical Tube furnace is suitable for lab experiments, such as, nano material, chemical analysis, component test, metal sintering etc. According tothe concrete requirement, the furnace can be equipped with, gas mixer, flow meter and vacuum system.

Descriptions of Vacuum Vertical Tube furnace:

Tube daimeter/heating length  40,60,80, heating length customizable
furnace structure double shell with fan cooling, side open
max.temperature 1200°C
working temperature 1100°C
temperature accuracy +/ - 1°C
heating element high quality resistance wire
thermocouple K type
working voltage AC 220V, Single Phase, 60/50 Hz  (or according to your requirement)
temperature control 30segments programmable and PID auto control
heating rate suggest 0-20'C/minute
warranty one year warranty 

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