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Box furnace foundation and maintenance

Kejia box furnace manufacturers to share with you: box-type furnace according to the heating element, the use of different temperatures and controllers have the following classification:
1) Press the heating element to distinguish are: electric wire box furnace, box furnace silicon carbide, silicon molybdenum rod box furnace;
2) by the use of temperature to distinguish generally divided into: the following degrees Box 1000 box-type furnace, 1100 degrees to 1300 degrees box furnace (box furnace silicon carbide), more than 1600 silicon molybdenum rod with a box furnace.
3) Press the controller to distinguish the following categories: pid regulator control box furnace (SCR digital temperature controller), program control box furnace (when computer temperature control box);
4) Press the insulation material to distinguish between: two ordinary firebrick box furnace box furnace and ceramic fibers.

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