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Box furnace heat of the original selection

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Box furnace manufacturers share with you about the choice of the original box-type furnace heat, hope you can help, together to understand it!
Silicon molybdenum rod (distributed in the furnace so)
MoSi2 heating element is a kind of molybdenum silicide-based resistance heating element. Molybdenum silicide sintered product in an oxidizing atmosphere heated to high temperatures, its surface generates a dense layer of quartz glass membrane, it can not keep the product oxidation. Therefore, molybdenum silicon rod element has a unique high temperature oxidation resistance. The highest temperature in an oxidizing atmosphere to 1750 ℃. Resistivity silicon molybdenum rod element does not vary with change (resistance increases with increasing temperature), which is not aging, so old and new components can be mixed using the length of time. Silicon molybdenum rod element mechanical system and other ceramic products, like, at room temperature belong to easy fracture of brittle materials, but the use of proper and reasonable installation can be avoided. Silicon carbide (distributed around the hearth or four weeks) Carbide is the choice of high-quality green silicon carbide as the main raw material, through light processing system Bah, high temperature silicification, in non-metallic rod made of high-temperature heating element crystal.
Compared with the element metal heating element, with the use of high temperature, oxidation, corrosion resistance, long life, slightly deformed, easy installation and maintenance. Silicon carbide having a large specific resistance, heated in air, the surface temperature of the heat generating portion can reach 1450 ℃; from room temperature to 800 ℃ is negative, a positive value above 800 ℃ characteristic curve.
Silicon carbide has good chemical stability, it had no effect, but the erosion of acid alkali and alkaline earth metal oxides at a certain temperature conditions on there. High temperatures, water vapor, hydrogen, halogen, sulfur, etc. have their oxidation and erosion. For the oven and stick bear the load evenly and must be equipped with the resistance before installation, maintain a consistent resistance ± 10%; electric long-term use, the individual rods damaged due to other reasons needs to be replaced, according to the growth of the resistance at the time of the election fill Suitable resistance rods can not take any new rod replacement.
Best of all, if the damaged rods more or resistance to grow too large, it can not achieve the desired oven temperature when replaced with a new stick. Stick down for re-measured its resistance with temperature resistance zone.
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