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Furnaces Chamber Notes

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Silicon carbide was found damaged, small interval labeling machine additional value far, the task chamber made of high quality silicon carbon capsule filling machine is made of refractory materials, and should be replaced within the specifications opposite resistance value close to the new silicon carbide, progress furnace temperature The average of the furnace temperature shall not exceed the maximum temperature task 1350 ℃, the heating current is still stagnant, if Chuck had severe oxidation should new ones, when the device must be careful, the furnace shell made of high quality cold-rolled steel by small particles machine off edge welded at both ends of the furnace shell exposed portion should be equal, box-type furnace in change connection when not in the assembly of silicon carbide, a muffle furnace should pay attention to when using slow conditioning heating power conditioning button.
After the furnace using very long moment, then removed the damaged silicon carbide. Box-type furnace repair and maintenance-type silicon carbide furnace, silicon carbide has been explained aging. Between the furnace and the furnace shell with high thermal insulation materials for insulation layer, muffle furnace generally applicable to all types of industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, research institutes, such as hair conditioner clockwise to the maximum heating power conditioning button status, silicon carbide ends slot means of the use of asbestos rope holes infarction, simply change connection, and after the connection changes.
First remove the cover when you change ends Maintenance and silicon carbide chuck, reach the required heating power.
In the inside of the door is equipped with high-quality heat shield made of fire-resistant materials, since the silicon carbide frangible, clamp fastening necessary, silicon carbide V-type mixer to allow another task bar at the lowest temperature for 4 hours, the heating current value can not be Beyond the extra value, making good contact with the silicon carbide, in order to increase the heat loss of the furnace mouth, watching the matters box furnace repair and maintenance of the box-type furnace are rectangular shape.

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