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Functions and Features of Dental Zirconia Furnace

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  Intelligent dental zirconia furnace is mainly used in dental labs ,For complete zirconia crowns crystallization and sintering, universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do high-temperature sintering and metal annealing , heating elements adopt 1800 pure silicon molybdenum rod, Carnot form secondary pollution to the teeth crown ; Use circular structure, the heating element is evenly distributed over the circumference, so that more reasonable and uniform temperature field.

Hearth surrounded by heating , temperature field is more uniform than conventional muffle furnace, firing crown permeability, better consistency. The zirconia crystal furnace feeding for taking a more humane automatic load lifting structure, placed three crucible furnace chamber for easy loading, Taking convenient.

In addition, the heating curve can be preset according to the different conditions of zirconium block , 14 varies with temperature roasting curve, respectively, to 14 different pieces of zirconium materials, direct call when needed, without disturbing each other. Modify the temperature parameters need not be repeated.

Large-screen LCD display, data at a glance; LCD touch control, intelligent operation, it is the best choice for dental labs. Kejia Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.

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