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The Best Crucible Furnace For Sale

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  Crucible furnace, usually composed by quartz crucible or alumina crucible, stainless steel flange, high purity heating elements, polycrystalline alumina fiber chamber and 30 segment programmable automatic temperature control system, the highest temperature can up to 1600 ℃. Mainly used in laboratory and research institutions for calcining of high purity compounds calcined under vacuum or atmosphere environment, sintering or diffusion of semiconductor film, ceramic material sintering, composition analysis, quality detection, ashing, etc. Our company have side open and top open crucible furnace, we often connect the crucible furnace with atmosphere furnace and tube furnace together, so when we recommend furnace type to our customer, we should according to the customer's purpose, sample shape, size, status, and the specific requirements of our customers to recommend suitable type furnace for them. Compared with other type of furnaces, the crucible furnace is more convenient and safe for customer to take out and put in samples and more easy to operate; Circular furnace chamber design,make the samples heated from three sides, the heating is more uniform; This furnace installation a travel switch, when open the furnace door, the power will cut off automatically, can effectively ensure the safety of users. Kejia Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.

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