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How dental furnace works

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  Dental furnace is a common equipment in dental labs .which has digital programmable function , with the outstanding features of high quality wearings, Large Touch panel, High temperature accuracy, and high vacuum accuracy, etc.

Used in the production of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, dental ovens employ high temperatures and pressures to process materials into a hardened, final state. these dental ovens can fall into several categories including firing furnaces, pressing furnaces, sintering furnaces and glazing furnaces. Used to process conventional and glass ceramics whether those materials have been milled, layered or waxed-up and invested for pressing, firing and pressing furnaces often are combined into a single unit. Sintering furnaces are capable of reaching the extreme temperatures required to process zirconia following milling. Glazing furnaces are used for setting certain stains and glazes that add the final shade details to a restoration. Many modern dental ovens feature touchscreen controls, pre-set programs and even the ability to connect to the internet. When purchasing a furnace for your dental practice or lab it is important to make sure it is capable of processing the materials you plan to work with.

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