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photo CVD surface processing technology

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  The light CVD (Photo CVD) PECVD makes the thin film low temperature and produces a semiconductor element like A-Si. But because of the need to consider the film:
(1) in the removal of high temperature (HCVD) and PECVD doped with various defects in components (such as the impact of charged particles in PECVD caused by injury);
(2) it is difficult to produce components (impurity profile), do not want to be destroyed in the back of high temperature treatment engineering therefore, hope can be at a low temperature thin film coating. PCVD is one of the ways to solve this problem. When heating is decomposed, the general molecules move together and the internal freedom is excited by heating, which stimulates the degree of freedom which does not need to be decomposed. Relative to PCVD, it only directly activates the internal freedom of decomposition, and provides activator to promote decomposition reaction. It is expected that a few nondestructive films can be made at low temperature and the fine lines or etchings can be directly depicted because of the focus and scanning of light.

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