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Talk about the indispensable heating equipment in the laboratory

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  The first is the electric furnace:
The electric stove, like the gas lamp, is the common heating equipment in the laboratory. The electric furnace mainly relies on a resistance wire (commonly known as nickel chromium alloy wire) to pass current to generate heat. This resistance wire is often called the electric furnace wire. There is another kind of electric furnace which can adjust different heat output, often called "universal electric furnace".

Then there is the electric heating plate and the electric heating sleeve:
In fact, the electric heating plate is a closed electric furnace, which is generally rectangular or circular in shape and can adjust the temperature. Many heating objects can be placed on the plate at the same time, and there is no open fire. Electric heating plate is a kind of conventional digestion equipment which has been recognized and accepted by domestic laboratories in the last 10 years. The electric heating plate has good temperature control, high stability and strong safety, which can help the experimenter to solve some problems faced by the electric furnace digestion to a large extent. However, there are some disadvantages of the electric heating plate: large energy consumption, low heat utilization rate, small effective heating area, limited sample handling volume, and poor uniformity of experimental results.

The electric heating sleeve is a special equipment for heating the round bottom flask for distillation. The shell is made of hemispherical shape, and the inner part is composed of electric heating wire, insulating material and thermal insulation material. The appropriate electric heating sleeve is selected according to the size of the flask, and the auto coupling voltage regulator is often connected to adjust the required temperature.
Here is the digester:

The digester adopts the well type electric heating mode, which makes the sample heating in the well type electric heating furnace to obtain better thermal effect, shortens the digestion and digestion time of the sample, thus improving the detection speed of the content determination of organic substances such as protein. The heating body (module) adopts infrared quartz tube, which is resistant to strong acid and alkali, anti bursting, long service life and meets CE standard. It is characterized by large heating area, small temperature difference, good digestion consistency and high thermal efficiency, which is conducive to sample digestion. Temperature control adopts digital display temperature control instrument, accurate temperature control, fast temperature rise. At the same time, the SO2 and other harmful gases overflowed from the digestion tube are discharged into the sewer through the drain collection pipe on the digestion furnace through the suction and filtration pump, effectively inhibiting the escape of harmful gases.

Finally, the muffle furnace

The furnace of muffle furnace is made of high temperature resistant silicon oxide without expansion and fragmentation. There is an empty groove between the inner and outer walls of the furnace. The furnace wires are in the empty groove, and there are furnace wires around the furnace, as shown in the figure. Therefore, after being electrified, the whole furnace is uniformly heated around to generate high temperature.
tube furnace

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