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Cleaning method of tube furnace

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  For the carbon slag or coking in the tube furnace, the common cleaning methods include physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. The so-called physical cleaning is to use mechanical force to crush the carbon slag accumulated in the pipeline, and then use high-speed air flow to blow out the slag, so as to make the pipeline smooth. Chemical cleaning is to destroy the structure of carbon slag by chemical reaction or react with carbon slag to achieve the purpose of slag cleaning.
tube furnace
Due to the characteristics of tube furnace, the internal pipes are connected by 180 ° stamping elbow. If physical cleaning is adopted, the cleaning distance is limited at one time. It is necessary to open many doors on the furnace tubes inside the tube furnace, and then weld and repair them one by one after cleaning one by one, and then purge them with high-speed air flow. The cleaning time is long and very inconvenient. The chemical cleaning method of gasified combustion only needs to open at the inlet and outlet of the rich oil pipeline outside the tubular furnace, which can be cleaned at one time without multiple openings for repair welding, saving labor and time. Due to complete gasification and combustion, it is also thoroughly cleaned. The manufacturers who use the tubular furnace can choose the cleaning method reasonably according to the specific situation.

Generally speaking, if the pipe is relatively long, it is not recommended to use a brush. It can be cleaned by chemical method. It can be burned in the air for 2 hours (800 ℃). If there is any residue, it can be removed by chemical method according to the nature of the residue.

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