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The usage and attention of atmosphere tube furnace

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  Use method of atmosphere tube furnace:
atmosphere tube furnace
1. temperature system operation:
   The user switch board supplies power to the electric furnace, at this time, the program meter is powered on, the instrument (such as P, I, D parameters) is set according to the temperature instrument instruction, the heating    program is prepared according to the process requirements, and the heating knob is opened to make the heating power reach the rated power. The heating power can be calculated as follows:
    Heating power = instrument voltage × instrument current
    The normal heating current is about 22a, and the heating voltage is about 220V.
    Heating stop: after the end of the program temperature, the execution time = 0 section of the program, the heating is finished. Turn the stop button to the off position. Disconnect the user switch.

   a. the programmed temperature shall not be higher than the furnace parameter temperature.
   b. When the electric furnace is working, the furnace door shall not be opened. When taking products, wait until the furnace temperature is below 100 ℃.
   c. When heating up, the heating power shall not exceed the rated power, otherwise the heating element will be damaged.

2.Operation mode
   According to the use requirements of the laboratory, batch manual loading and unloading is used for loading and unloading materials. When loading, place the material box on the support of the material basin, open and take out the sealing end cover at one end of the furnace tube, place the material box support with the material box, and then install the sealing end cover on the furnace tube flange and tighten the clamp bolt. Then the process atmosphere is introduced until the oxygen content in the furnace tube reaches the process requirements. After the product sintering process is completed, a small amount of process atmosphere shall be continued and the temperature shall be reduced until the temperature in the furnace is lower than the process requirements, then the sealed end cover of the furnace tube can be opened to take out the product.

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