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Why does the box furnace heat up slowly

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     The high-temperature electric furnace, as the name suggests, is a high-temperature and electric-fired furnace. Only such a high-temperature furnace can burn and melt harder things. However, have you ever encountered a situation where the temperature of the electric furnace always fails to rise and the ablation work cannot be performed? In case of such a situation, many people will be at a loss and wait for the technicians to come over for repairs. Not to mention wasted working time, it is also a loss to the economy. In fact, you can first grasp the general reasons why the box furnace does not heat up quickly, and then investigate and analyze them one by one. Below, the box furnace manufacturer will introduce the common reasons why the temperature can not rise:
high-temperature electric furnace
1. The voltage of the entire circuit is too low to reach the rated voltage standard of the box furnace.
2. The electric heating element has a local short circuit, and the resistance value does not meet the design requirements.
3. The sealing performance of the box furnace is too poor.
4. The unbalance value of the three-phase current exceeds 20%.
5. The shielding gas supply tray is too large.
6. The location of the thermocouple hot spot is not representative.

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