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Characteristic Research and Modification of Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace

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     With the development of electronic information technology and economic prosperity, soft ferrite materials are more and more inclined to high-grade, small batch, multi-variety, short delivery cycle, good consistency and so on. The past push-plate vacuum atmosphere furnaces have gradually been unable to meet the high-end products and changing requirements. Bell furnaces have emerged as the times require. International traditional soft ferrite manufacturers have ordered bell furnaces. With China’s accession to the WTO, In order to meet the needs of the market and participate in national competition, domestic ferrite manufacturers have also started trials to produce high-end products. The market demand for bell furnaces is becoming increasingly urgent.
Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace
   Now according to market demand and referring to similar foreign equipment, we have independently developed a new generation of sintering equipment-bell-type vacuum atmosphere furnace series products. It adopts all-fiber high-temperature furnace lining, partition and grouping technologies, and has large batch output and temperature Good uniformity with atmosphere, high consistency of sintered products and high yield. Compared with the tunnel slab kiln, it is more flexible to operate and has higher control accuracy, and is especially suitable for products such as sintering.

   The task of the bell-jar type vacuum atmosphere furnace is to achieve the desired purpose in a certain space. In addition, for the production vacuum atmosphere furnace, the focus should be on the uniformity of temperature and atmosphere in a small working area. Only when temperature and atmosphere uniformity meet certain requirements can the consistency of batch sintered products be guaranteed.

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